Are you eager to sell your house? On average, it takes around two months from listing to closing a house—even in today’s supremely hot sellers’ market. It also doesn’t include the time it takes to clean, paint, and prepare a property to go on the market. It will require some creativity on your part to figure out a way around this timeline if you can’t wait.

Fortunately, you have options—such as seeking out a cash buyer.

Why Would a Homeowner Need To Sell Quickly?

Many homeowners need to sell off their property for a variety of reasons, such as:

Foreclosure: Losing your job unexpectedly could mean you cannot pay your mortgage and need to sell your home.

Bad tenants: Investing in a property can quickly go sour due to poor tenants. When this is the case, it could be best to sell the property as soon as possible to someone who may be better equipped to handle the situation.

Foundation issues: A major foundation repair can cost thousands. If you don’t want to let such an issue fester and threaten the structural stability of your home over time, it might be best to sell the house quickly to someone who can afford to fix it.

New job: You’ve landed an exciting new job position, but there’s just one problem—it’s far away, and you’re stuck in a house that is hurting your mobility.

Separation or divorce: Selling your home could provide you with a fresh start.

How Can You Sell Your Home For Cash?

Instead of staging to impress, you request a cash offer. No commissions, no open houses. You work with the buyer to determine what they’re willing to pay, possibly after a quick tour or by looking at pictures.

It is up to you to review their terms and price and decide if you wish to accept it. Cash buyers sometimes still request an inspection, and you may need to negotiate about repairs. Some buyers will purchase homes “as is.” You need to consider any complications, but generally, you can close within as little as two weeks. To learn more, check out our buying process on our website.

Signs You Would Be a Good Candidate for a Cash Buyer

If your home is outdated but in a great school district: If your house isn’t in great shape, a great school district might sell it for you. If your property is located in the right place, it could appeal to property developers who are seeking to rehab properties and re-sell them to first-time buyers looking for a home in close proximity to their children’s school.

Rental potential of your property: A property owner may be looking to add your house to their portfolio. Check to see how much similar properties in the area are renting for, and determine whether you are located near any prime hot spots for renters, such as universities or shopping areas.

Homes in good neighborhoods are easy to sell: Many people are eager to move into desirable communities for their growing families. Real estate companies like Cavalier House Buyers purchase homes to resell, offering the owner a fair price and honest price.

Sell Your Home Fast with Cavalier House Buyers

If you’re looking for a fast, easy home sale, Cavalier House Buyers is here to help. Contact Cavalier Home Buyers today for more information about how we can give you cash for your home, or email Riley at

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