Investing in real estate is all about maximizing your profit. If you’re a landlord, you’ve probably enjoyed the passive income. However, holding onto a rental property for too long can come with risks. But when is the right time to sell your rental property?

It might be the right time to sell your rental property if:

Your Rental Property Is Worth More Money Now

Real estate investment is about ensuring property appreciation. Selling your property if it is worth more than what you paid for it could earn you more money than renting.

Perhaps you bought a property in a growing neighborhood—that’s great! It probably means that the value of your property has increased. If you’re ready to make a profit, this could be the sign you need.

Your Rental Property Is No Longer Profitable

Rental properties can lose money. This is simply part of the risk associated with any investment.

To determine if your rental property is profitable or not, subtract your total rental income from all of your property-related expenses (mortgage, maintenance fees). If you’re investing more money than you’re getting back, you might want to sell.

You Can No Longer Afford the Maintenance

Properly maintaining a rental property can be expensive. Landlords need to ensure their properties are habitable for tenants and meet health codes and regulations.

There are some repairs you can do yourself, but others will certainly put a dent in your bank account. If you’re having trouble funding repairs or managing your to-do list, selling may be the answer.

You’re a Remote Landlord

Being a landlord is difficult enough without adding distance to the equation.

Showings, maintenance requests, and walkthroughs can be time and money-consuming when they require a phone call, a trip, or (worst of all) a flight.

Consider selling your properties if you manage them remotely. If you want to save yourself stress, try investing locally.

You Don’t Want To Be a Landlord Anymore

The idea of becoming a landlord may have sounded great initially, but you’ve found that it requires much more work than you thought. No matter whether you are having trouble handling tenants, or don’t have the time to handle your responsibilities as a landlord, you are tired of being one.

You can also just sell your rental property if you decide to make a change in your life and becoming a landlord is not in your plans.


Sell Your Rental Property with Cavalier House Buyers

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You won’t have to worry about your tenants leaving the house a mess for showings, or making costly repairs. Cavalier House Buyers purchases rental houses as-is, without the fees and commissions that eat into profits.

Why not make it easy when you know it’s time to sell your rental? Sell to Cavalier House Buyers and move on to your next investment quickly!


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