Real estate investing is a smart move right now due to the hot market, so you should make use of your resources if you want to invest. The real estate market is always filled with some level of risk, but there are promising signs that 2021 will be a great year for investment.

Interest Rates Will Stay Low

Since the Federal Reserve remains committed to keeping interest rates low, it is possible to borrow money for a lower rate of interest. The 30-year fixed-rate average in Wisconsin at the time of this article is at 3%. Acting now will enable you to lock in a rate that allows your mortgage payments to be lower than they may be in the coming years.

Home Prices Will Go Up

By waiting too long to buy a home in 2021, you may end up spending more on your next real estate investment since prices are expected to rise. Zillow Economic Research predicts that annual home value growth will rise as high as 13.5% by mid-2021 and for home values to end 2021 up 10.5% from their current levels. If you get in the market now, you will not only pay less but own a property that is expected to increase in value quite quickly.

Prepare to have extra cash to beat out other bidders, and remain patient with finding your next property due to the high demand for housing.

Renters Are Easy to Find

Rents are on the rise due to the housing shortage, which has increased the demand for homes. See a higher return on your rental property investment by ensuring your rental fees are in alignment with the current demand and local market value.

Keeping on top of trends to determine the best time to invest in the real estate market can make it easier to act quickly and increase your chances of a higher ROI.


Every investment property is unique, and the process of getting started can be intimidating. Let our team help find you the perfect property investment so that you can take advantage of the current low-interest market. Contact Cavalier Home Buyers today for more information, or email Riley at

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